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Wood & Wood is a civil practice firm that offers many services to its clients. Please note that
Kentucky law does not recognize specialties of practice.

Personal Injury:  When you or a loved one have been hurt.  Whether in an automobile
accident, by another person or on someone’s property.

Product Liability:  When you or a loved one have been hurt by something such as a machine,
chemical or medicine.

Insurance Coverage: When an insurance company has denied your claim, reduced your
coverage or wishes to negotiate your coverage. This applies both to business insurance as well
as personal insurance.

Real Estate:  Preparation of property for transfer through deeds, opinions and closing services.

Corporate Law:  Organization and establishment of businesses as well as assistance in
representing businesses.

Wills and Estates:  Planning for the future as well as carrying out estate plans.

Information Technology and Telecommunication Matters:  Review and negotiation of
computer hardware, software, web/e-business matters and support agreements.

Other Services: Wood & Wood is the approved Maysville law firm for the following
businesses: Stewart Title Insurance Company, Farmers Home Administration, Farm Credit
Services, U.S. Bank, and Citizens Deposit Bank & Trust



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